Charles Langham Series

We live in a world in crisis, A world where greed turns the wheel of states. A world where environmental concerns take a back seat to the vast machine of global commerce. The chase is on, and the thrilling adventure begins!

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Paul Nichols Series

Paul Nichols was not your average family man. He loved outdoor life, climbing mountains, trekking, camping, and survival. Trained by the Army and SAS he later joined special operations. During a mission to eradicate a drug-smuggling organization, the Minister decides he’s become a liability and must be removed. After the minister is killed, Paul is taken out. Why was he a liability and what secrets went to his grave?

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Bunnie the Bunny Series

Bunnie the Bunny is a female Dutch rabbit who lives with her brother.  This lovely, enduring story tells the story of how they arrive at the home of their new, human family who they call servants, and enjoy their lives together.

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Gary Stephenson

Gary has always had a love of the environment learning how to grow plants and vegetables organically from a very young age under the tutelage of his father's gardener.  Being bought up around family dogs and his own pet Dutch rabbit engendered an ongoing love of animals.  The turbulent British political scene during the 1980s and his international career, saw his interest rise in politics. During these early years, he started to write his first novel and many poems.  Pressures of work, a growing family, and increased worldwide travel for international companies saw his writing put aside and free time at home spent with family and long country walks with his wife and Border Collie.
Gary is a member of The New Zealand Society of Authors.

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